Our Strategy

Value Creation

Central to TJC’s commitment to building value over the long-term for portfolio companies and add-on acquisitions alike is our approach to working closely with management teams to successfully form and execute operating plans across a wide range of industries.

The Operations Management Group

The Operations Management Group (“OMG”) was established in 1988 to initiate and support operational improvements in portfolio companies. The OMG's primary objective is to create value by assisting the management teams of portfolio companies in identifying and executing expansion and cost reduction plans.Meet Our Team

Aggressive M&A Strategy

We use our hands-on operating strategy to transform small or regional businesses into large, integrated enterprises through a combination of internal growth and strategic acquisitions. TJC will thoroughly evaluate the opportunity for add-on acquisitions, including both the number of potential acquisitions available to a portfolio company and the capacity of such a portfolio company to execute an acquisition strategy. Since 2002, TJC has completed over 380 add-on acquisitions.View Our Investments

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Long-Term Partnerships

The by-product of decades of experience, consistency of management, and steadfast approach is the wealth of accumulated strategic, best practice, and organizational expertise that TJC brings to our partnerships.

Shared Institutional Knowledge

Our long history of building from within, maintaining a stable team structure, cross-discipline expertise and extensive track record creates a valuable asset that partners leverage, deep institutional knowledge of value-creation plans and an understanding of when to stick to a plan and when to be nimble.View Our Fact Sheet

Alignment of Interest

We not only look for good businesses, but for good operating partners whose knowledge, experience and skill will continue to assure the long-term success of the companies they run.View Our Case Studies

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