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Committed to Investing Responsibly

At TJC, we believe thoughtful consideration of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) factors makes good business sense and offers us the opportunity to improve the overall performance and impact of our portfolio companies. We focus on building long-term value at the companies we own and consider their employees and communities among our key stakeholders.

For us, ESG is critical. It’s not only important to who we are as a firm, but it’s good business. We find that the businesses with the highest ESG standards outperform and we want to make that a part of how we build value into our investments.
Rich Caputo, Chief Executive Partner

Investment Lifecycle

ESG is integrated into each phase of our investment lifecycle to help mitigate risk, identify value creation opportunities, and improve performance.


Perform ESG due diligence and partner with management teams to develop plans for addressing ESG opportunities.


Actively develop and monitor ESG KPIs and ESG improvements.

Value Creation

Support ESG-focused value creation initiatives and encourage continuous improvement on key ESG themes.


Leave portfolio companies with the framework necessary to ensure ESG efforts are continued beyond TJC’s ownership.

ESG Committee

TJC’s ESG committee provides oversight and governance to our ESG initiatives. Our interdisciplinary committee members help drive implementation and provide feedback for enhancing our ESG platform. We include TJC team members from across several groups and experience levels to capture diverse ideas and perspectives on how ESG impacts, and can improve, our complete investment lifecycle.

Our firm is better for having ESG as a part of our culture. It engages not only the management teams in our portfolio companies, but also engages the people here at TJC. We’re motivated to become better corporate citizens and to give people safe and healthy work environments.
Lisa Ondrula, Partner and the Co-Head of the Operations Management Group

Supporting our Portfolio

In addition to identifying and addressing the material ESG issues relevant to each company in our portfolio, we focus on four key ESG topics that are especially important to our portfolio’s long-term success and to our stakeholders. We provide resources on these topics to our portfolio companies and encourage continuous improvement on each of them.

Climate Change


Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Workforce Wellbeing & Safety

ESG is an important part of our investment process and our day-to-day operating activities. One of our responsibilities as a firm is to build ESG initiatives that we can share with our entire portfolio.
Leah Yablonka, ESG Manager

Industry Partnerships