Zest Anchors

Zest Anchors, Inc. (“Zest” dba Zest Dental Solutions) is a leading manufacturer of overdenture attachments in the world.

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Investment Date

December 2009


Consumer & Healthcare


Escondido, CA



In 2001, Zest launched its patented LOCATOR® product line. Zest’s product line addresses the removable overdenture market rather than permanent or fixed replacements. Zest has manufactured a product that is compatible with substantially all of the various original equipment manufacturer (“OEM”) implants available to dentists. This allows Zest to reach patients by selling directly to dentists, as well as through implant OEMs and distributors, both domestically and internationally.

Investment Highlights
* Created a direct e-commerce website
* Revenue growth averaged over 10% per year during TJC’s ownership
* Established a professional management team including a new CEO, COO, Engineering Manager and Marketing Manager

We selected The Jordan Company as our partner because they have an excellent track record of helping companies execute their strategic plans and most importantly, the chemistry felt right between our firms.
Paul Zuest, Chief Executive Officer, Zest